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>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carbide Recycling Company (CRC) specializes in the recycling of Tungsten Carbide hard scrap and grinding sludge. We purchase scrap carbide inserts, end mills, drills, tooling, PCB drills (with and without the Teflon rings), wear parts, dies, saw tips, blanks, rounds, etc. In addition to carbide, we also purchase High Speed Steel scrap, Nickel, Tungsten and Cobalt alloys.

Carbide Recycling Company has been in business over 25 years in the Detroit, Michigan area. We are Dun & Bradstreet listed and are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Contact us now at (800) 526-3505, (248) 926-5570, or email us at info@carbiderecycling.com.


han June 23, 2010 at 7:52 AM  

I did experience a couple of catches, but I attribute that to my over agressiveness and lack of sufficient knowledge of this tool on centennial carbide. I am in a position to see other applications for this toolOver time centennial carbide cutting tools will dull and it is oftentimes] easier to have a part tool abrasive that you may take right to the cutter, The application of a fine diamond file can radically change the top of the pallet for a more effective movement.

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